Troubled Teens

“You just don’t get it!”….

“You never listen to me!”….

“Ugh…you wouldn’t understand…”

Are you tired of getting one-word answers?

Any of these sound familiar? Could these be signs?

Let’s be realistic–being a teenager is challenging.

It’s the time in life where you’ve never experienced the overload of hormones flowing through your body and haven’t quite developed ways to cope with these biological changes.

Often teens revert to poor decision-making, aggression, violence, legal troubles, risky sexual activity, defiance, running away from home, and anything else that could lead to you, as their parent and/or guardian, having a heart attack.

Technology has taken our younger generations into a different world giving them 24- hour access to just about anything; i.e., bullying, video games, porn, self-image obsessions, social comparisons, and a host of other 21st-century problems.

Our Metamorphosis team will help you and your teen
using a holistic-whole family approach.

We will work with adults alone, helping you relax but re-take control of your household.

Building communication skills and creating a safe space, we’ll work with teens helping them to learn to be respectfully heard and understood, and to reconnect to their family safety net.

Our clinicians work with the entire family to examine the family, school, and societal influences as well as inner emotional, physical, and behavioral health concerns that are supporting the teen’s potentially life-threatening behavior.

Metamorphosis’ main goal is to help families identify their strengths to help them move forward with their life goals.