We understand the struggle you face.

  • Would you rather drive because a previous car accident makes you uncomfortable, and the only cure seems to be staying in control by being the driver?
  • Do you dread the holidays because they remind you of the pain from an abusive childhood left behind?
  • Do you turn off the news because the stories of sexual assault and molestation hit too close to home, and being triggered every evening after work is simply leaving you unable to sleep and less able to function?
  • Did you escape a violent marriage or a stalking ex-partner?

At Metamorphosis we are here to help you make sense of these and other traumas.

We are here to help you HEAL.

During one of our clinical case conferences, we were discussing a patient with nightmares and a series of complicated friendships that she experienced as toxic. The patient felt guilty about “dropping her friends,” but interactions with them were producing more and more rage. One of our psychologists asked, “What was her trauma?” We all grew silent. No one had mentioned a traumatic event. But we all knew it was there…. And we all knew it was unresolved.

It was during this conversation among counselors that we realized that patients with trauma on our caseload were so prevalent that we frequently assess for it unconsciously; knowing the answers to the formal assessment questions before we reach that section of the initial intake. What a sad state of affairs, we have come to assume that trauma has occurred. We find ourselves surprised when it has not.

But the GOOD NEWS is:

We have become expert in guiding you through your healing narrative, helping you identify your triggers, reminding you that abuse is not your fault, and holding space for you as you learn to soothe yourself through waves of painful emotion.

Trauma reactions are sometimes healthy reactions to unhealthy situations; therefore, we are careful not to over diagnose you or allow you to walk away feeling like you are sicker than you really are.

We teach you mindfulness, distress tolerance, radical acceptance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. These tools help you maintain healthier relationships and feel less out of control. But most of all, we care about you and support you while you face the fears of whatever happened, and begin to embrace your peace more and more each day.

What is your trauma?

Allow the Metamorphosis Counselors and Psychologists to guide you to your healing place.

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