Not every person needs therapy.

Not every problem is clinical.

Sometimes we need help in navigating the nuance of our careers or in setting life goals.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you want to consider Coaching versus Counseling.

In Coaching, we:

  • Identify specific barriers
  • Gather information about those barriers
  • Set goals related to your barriers in various areas of your life
  • Assess progress
  • Adjust accordingly
  • Re-examine your goals
  • Set new goals
  • Structure your tasks
  • Put your Internal and External Accountability into place, and
  • Move on

Examples of Coaching

A woman, whom we will call Claire, once came to Metamorphosis as she was leaving her corporate career to start her own small business.

Claire was afraid because her financial situation was not secure. She had some savings, but she did not have a lot of room for the failure associated with trial and error.

Claire wanted to 1) Set some goals, 2) Create a plan, and 3) Execute her plan quickly and effectively. She had ideas, but needed the space to “put it all together.”

That’s where Small Business Coaching came into play.

Together, this Entrepreneur and her coach first took time to take the “business plan” out of the client’s mind (and interconnected Word Documents), and to formulate a Whole Product that defined the Plan for her Business. In doing so, the client was able to quickly identify the places where her plans and ideas were fully flushed out, planned for, and ready to be executed immediately. This eased much of her fears and motivated her to dive into the other areas.

The client realized that she didn’t need a lot more coaching after that. She felt energized and excited by her new career and used Coaching as part of her ACCOUNTABILITY for meeting her goals. Once she launched her new idea, coaching continued once per month to keep Claire accountable to herself and to make sure she did not lose sight of her accomplishments in the day-to-day busy-ness of running a small business.

Another client, Thomas, came to Metamorphosis believing that he needed therapy. During the intake, however, it became clear that his emotions were all over the place. He desperately wanted a change in his company, but felt loyalty and commitment were getting in his way. His VALUES WERE COLLIDING with one another.

The counselor suggested they develop a coaching relationship versus a therapeutic one, and they set out to clearly define the business-values related problems.

In the end, Thomas did have to fire a “few old friends,” but he was able to do it in a way that maintained the friendship and led these individuals to new jobs that they were excited about starting.

Additionally, Thomas clearly defined the type of person and the skills that he needed to move into his new direction at work. He hired a “Superstar” and together they launched this new endeavor.

Thomas checks in via phone once or twice per quarter now. He came back in the first Quarter of 2017 for a quick “re-boot.” He was concerned that he was being distracted by a new business possibility that “looked good” but was likely to take him off course. Again, he clarified his values and moved confidently away from this new idea to maintain focus on the areas he felt were most important.

Coaching at Metamorphosis

These kinds of goal-setting examples, values-clarification situations, and accountability check-ins all define how we approach Coaching at Metamorphosis.

Coaching is different from therapy because no diagnoses are involved. The Coach does not probe for inner conflict or maladaptive behaviors. The Metamorphosis Coach simply guides, clarifies, sharpens ideas, and helps the client to be extra accountable to his or her goals and values.

Is Coaching just for Business Owners?

NO, Coaching is not just business related. We have worked with Pastors, Grandmothers, Single mothers, and College Students using the same processes described above to help them:

  • Set and Achieve Goals,
  • Clarify their Values,
  • Make Better Decisions, and
  • Solve Complex Layered Problems.


  • Helped people to Choose Careers,
  • Decide on a method to Begin Dating,
  • Organize their Work-Life Balance, and as described above,
  • Start New Businesses.

Do you believe that you can use Support Clarifying your Values? Or Help with Going to the Next Level in your Career?


Let us help you create a game plan and walk with you into your new Life.