We know it matters to you who helps you.


At Metamorphosis, we believe that THERAPY IS A REAL RELATIONSHIP.

Many of our clients tell us that they NEVER thought they would go to therapy. But we have this way of engaging the most difficult individuals going through the most challenging life transitions.


We help clients face their most hidden taboos and stigmas, and we go through that hell right alongside them.


Metamorphosis’ Psychologists and Counselors are a generationally diverse, highly collaborative team of professionals with a wide range of expertise.

We are trained professionals with the ability and know-how to help you create changes in you that affect your relationships, your family, and your career. We use proven, evidenced-based methods to overcome real life obstacles for families, teens, and adults.

Our Team

April M. Jackson-James, PhD

Janet R. Stewart, MS,. LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor FL #17080

Kimba Sambou, MA., LPA Licensed Psychological Associate NC #3557
Tamara Fattah, LMHC

Practicum/Internship/Registered Intern/Post-Doc


Each year the Metamorphosis Staff brings in one to three counselors-in-training, either as students or recent graduate school graduates.

These individuals have a minimum of 4 hours per week of individual and group supervision. Their supervisor sits in with them on some sessions, and treatment planning is done with a supportive team approach.

If you are looking for an opportunity to enhance your training in a warm, supportive, yet increasingly challenging environment, consider Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center for your training experience.

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Why would you ever want to see a Counselor in Training?

We know that you are asking that question. You have come to a private practice, not a public clinic. You are hoping for an individualized experience. You are searching for expertise.

By working with one of our counseling interns, you will get all of the above and more.


Our Team of interns receives support and supervision from Master’s Level Counselors and PhD Level Psychologists on an individual and group basis. As we have stated elsewhere, we are a collaborative practice of experts. We work as a team, and we are ALL fully committed to making sure that you “Get better on Purpose.”

When you see a Counselor or Psychologist with 2-25 years of experience, sometimes that’s all you have. While that is certainly not “chopped liver” as they say, our trainees have access, on a weekly basis, to the experience of our entire staff.

We help them search out the most innovative and creative ways to help you.We follow up and guide them until we are sure that you and your family have gone through the best therapeutic process available. In our Wednesday afternoon case conferences, it is our Trainee’s cases that receive the most input and the deepest level of clinical attention.

All this creative energy, scientific knowledge and passion to see significant change, could belong to YOU.

Our Trainee Program is one of the most exciting things going on at Metamorphosis. We bring on the best, and we make them better. We take our training seriously and we recommend this experience to you.

Another thing that makes seeing a trainee a great option for families, is that in some cases, we are able to discount rates for our trainee’s cases. We already believe that psychotherapy should not break a family’s budget. At Metamorphosis, our internship program helps us to ensure that we have the ability to help everyone across the financial income spectrum.

Call us today, see how this program might be appropriate for your counseling needs.