Group Counseling & Workshops

The Metamorphosis Counseling Staff has a confession to make; our very first Women’s Group resulted in two participants first becoming work-out partners and then becoming good friends. Why are we confessing this?

Well, “Psychotherapy” is PRIVATE, right?

Even in Group Psychotherapy, the participants commit to keeping one
, right?

Yes, those things are ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

At the same time, we recognize at Metamorphosis that people need people. Many times, we have experiences (e.g., parenting alone, depression, death of a loved one, or anxiety) that might lead to isolation and dropping activities that used to be a lot of fun. We also recognize that many people find our counseling office following broken relationships or immediately before ending a toxic family or friendship relationship.

Sometimes, a Workshop or a Psychotherapy Group can be a place to start over and try again. So, our confession is that we were truly happy those two like-minded participants found and maintained social support in one another’s friendship.

Information that is available….

In our Workshops, we offer Psychoeducational information; however, we also create a safe place for emotion and for exploring deep, sometimes painful life experiences. In addition, we give group members the opportunity to learn and practice skills. Skills like quieting our mind, communicating assertively (versus aggressively or passively, or not at all….), taking good care of yourself so that you can fulfill your many life roles, and also concrete survival skills like when to ask for help.

At various times of the year, we have ADHD groups for children or teens (and we are planning one for parents and spouses….COMING SOOOOOOON).

Our Substance Abuse experts have Psychoeducational (Learning Groups) and Process (Talking it Out Groups) to help individuals who are trying to break habits that are no longer serving them well.

Take a step for you

What are you struggling with today? Would professional information and support help you with this problem? Could a small group of like-minded peers also support you and give you real life, down-to-earth guidance about how to make it through the struggle?

If this feels right for you, give us a call at Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center, LLC.

Who knows? You might just make a new friend while learning a new survival skill.