Individual Psychotherapy

We hope that as you read this, you will be inspired to
Take Life to the Next Level.

At Metamorphosis, we see individual therapy as an opportunity for you to look deep inside
and find your WHY.

  • Why can’t I set goals and meet them?
  • Why have I been over eating?
  • Why do I have so many painful relationships?
  • Why am I failing in my career?
  • Why am I not able to influence my teenagers?

Why? Why? Why?

Learning yourself deeply and thoroughly can be comforting or frightening. No matter how you see it, however, “WHY” you are doing something helps you notice, anticipate, predict, and hopefully catch the sabotaging behavior before you do it. It moves you from unconsciously sabotaging your success to an awareness of the barriers that you are placing in your own way.

Awareness, Insight, Mindfulness….these are important Metamorphosis Goals for the BEGINNING of therapy.


Yes, learning about yourself is only the beginning.

It has long been known in the field of Psychology that INSIGHT is necessary, but NOT SUFFICIENT to create change in thoughts, emotions, and/or change in behavior (sometimes it’s not even necessary, but that’s another situation). So, let me say this again (and again)…

Insight [in Individual Therapy] is Necessary, But Not Sufficient.

You must know what you are doing, that YOU are the one in control, and that you are able to change enough about you that you alone can change your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

But knowing this does not equal changing this.

We, at Metamorphosis consider it an honor that you would choose us to be your safe place to explore why you do what you do. Similarly, we are humbled that you would trust us enough to help you take those insights and move yourself into the realm of …

Life Change.

Please use us as your GUIDES, your SUPPORT, and your MOTIVATORS as you begin this difficult journey.

  • We will help you re-orient yourself away from the negative thoughts that arise and gain a more balanced view of yourself.
  • We will help you manage the overwhelming emotions that are generated and support you as you gain new skills to tolerate distress along the way.
  • We will help you learn and practice new skills and behaviors that line up with the new version of you that you are seeking.

We provide, Support, Guidance, Care, Information, Accountability,
and even a Cheering Section for you along the way.

Whether you are trying to decide if it is time for medication or if you are adamant that medication is not for you….Whether you are digging in to make a relationship work or considering leaving a relationship that once meant so much to you…

Our Counselors and Psychologists are here for you.

We are prepared to help you when the change process hurts, when you are not sure the effort is worth it, and when you are in danger of giving up on yourself.

We are here to help you Make Life Better, On Purpose.