African-American Families

African-American Families

“She was very nice and I felt like she helped me; but she just didn’t understand.”

“I need to talk to someone who just gets it.”

“I don’t want to seem bad, but I just want a Black Counselor.”

These are things our Clinical Intake Specialists hear every day, and we believe you don’t need to be ashamed for requesting a specific kind of Professional Caregiver. It isn’t always necessary, but sometimes “It Just Is.”

At Metamorphosis, we know that deciding to go to counseling can seem culturally inconsistent. “We don’t air our dirty laundry,” and “We don’t have time to be depressed” are both messages ingrained in the Black Community. In addition,


Sometimes when things do not go well, we start over, alter our course, and try something new.

In African-American Families, however, if something breaks down, really bad things can result.
And this knowledge puts “things do not go well” in a whole new light.

  • Are you the guy all the other guy’s expect to “Make it?”
  • Are you worried that if your marriage does not work out, your children will get lost in “The System” or become a “Statistic?”
  • Are you the single mom concerned that if you try to open your own business you will have to move your children to a “bad neighborhood” if the business fails?
  • Have you altered your driving habits in order to avoid ever being pulled over for anything at all?
  • Are you afraid that your 17-year-old son’s temper or marijuana experimentation will have people thinking of him as a “thug?”
  • Are you afraid that your 10-year-old daughter’s reading struggles will get her “labeled” in school?
  • Are you the busy, professional mother carrying the load for the whole family and feeling like you are not permitted to drop any of the individual items in the load?

Do you have a history of difficult family relationships, trouble trusting anyone other than your inner circle, and are you tired of “Wearing the Mask” at work, church, and community activities?
Are you afraid to tell people that you are NOT OKAY?

At Metamorphosis, we specialize in helping African-American men, women, and children to navigate the subtle struggles that being Black in America brings to everyday career and family challenges.


Our team of dedicated Counselors and Psychologists will roll up their sleeves – working hard to help you find your way through this maze called “Making it.” We are a community of supportive professionals, a safe place to ask the hard questions, and a workshop where you can struggle through choosing the options that you want for your family.

Your answers may not look like your Grandmother’s answers or the nice Sister at church. Why? Because we will focus on your strengths and help you and your family to:

  • Find your Grit….
  • Remember your past victories….and
  • Encourage yourself during the hard times.

Metamorphosis will help you expect BETTER from the world around you and BREAK FREE from your struggles to ACHIEVE your individual and family GOALS.