Outpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Evaluations and Treatment

Opioid addiction is rampant.

Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center has recently begun to partner with local pain clinics to support physicians who are trying to prevent their patients from becoming addicted to various opioids. Following a life-altering injury, pain medications can be a stepping stone towards complete physical recovery. However, recently small towns all over America have found that instead of being a temporary support, pain medications have become an epidemic of family destruction and in the most tragic cases have even led to death.

Evaluations to assist physicians in difficult cases

At Metamorphosis, we provide comprehensive evaluations to assist physicians with some of their most difficult prescribing decisions. For example:

  • My patient has tested negative for the medications that I prescribed. I am afraid that he is selling these medicines instead of taking them, but his injuries are real.
  • My patient sometimes has breakthrough pain and takes more of her medication than I have prescribed. Should I stop prescribing for her because she is becoming addicted, or does she simply need some additional pain reduction skills like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can provide?
  • My patient tested positive for prescription medication that I did not prescribe. This is a huge red flag; what do I do now? I know he is preparing for surgery and has a great deal of pain as he waits, but how could he be accessing these other medicines? I’m afraid he doesn’t know the dangers of mixing these kinds of medications.

The evaluation process at Metamorphosis

At Metamorphosis, our skilled clinicians sit with your patients and help them to discuss their mistakes openly and in a safe environment. By requiring a Metamorphosis evaluation, you can show your patient that he or she matters to you. You are not just viewing them as a number, but you truly want them to get the help that they need and the support required to be successful in your clinic’s pain management program. Metamorphosis will provide you with a 2-5 page report detailing your client’s treatment needs and the barriers to their treatment compliance. Metamorphosis will also make recommendations for follow-up testing, evaluation, and substance abuse counseling.

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Outpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Metamorphosis also can help men, women, and teenagers make quality decisions about their use of alcohol and other mood-altering substances. It is rare that anyone can go from finishing a bottle of wine each evening to deciding never to drink again.

Most individuals who find themselves dependent on any substance start out thinking that they can “quit any time they want to.” We all believe that we can control our own behaviors and habits.

At Metamorphosis, we do not judge anyone’s situation; we are healers who help anyone who is ready to start asking themselves the difficult questions that lead to recovery:

  • Was I too impaired to drive that night that I hit my neighbor’s mailbox; I really think it was just a freak accident, right?
  • My daughter yelled at me and said that I always pick a fight with her mother when I have been drinking. I don’t think that is really true though, right?
  • My boss pointed out that I always call out sick on Monday mornings; I got the impression that she might think that I am hung over. Yes, I drink and even party a bit; but I can quit whenever I want to, right?
  • Marijuana is legal now if you have some sort of condition. I just use it to help me calm down. It’s natural, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. I don’t know why my girlfriend is complaining about me smoking on the weekends instead of us going out together. She is just nagging me, right?
  • My doctor prescribed medication to help me sleep. Sometimes when I know I can sleep in the equipoise buy in uk legally guilherme on lucas o next day, I take two. I sleep better when I double up on what she prescribed. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?
  • My son had a 3.7 GPA, and now he is dropping out of college. All young people party, but I don’t think this is a good outcome. He’s coming home, and I wonder if I need to address his alcohol and marijuana use. My younger daughter mentioned that he had some pills with him when he came home for the holidays. This isn’t substance abuse, is it? This is just what college students do when they leave home and have their freedom, right?

If you see yourself or a family member in the situations described above, you might not be in as much control as you believe.

At Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center, our counselors provide a confidential, non-judgmental environment to address questions like the ones above. We can help you prevent stressful situations from becoming tragic ones.

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