Spiritually Minded Counseling Support

Yes, we can talk about God here.

For many of us, being able to frame our struggles within our spiritual belief system is very important–no matter what that belief system happens to be. “Children are supposed to honor their parents” can be reconciled with a teenager who has been hurt by a parent in the past.

“Accepting God’s will” when you want nothing to do with what just happened can sometimes lead us in the opposite direction of our faith. As one client put it,

“Who am I supposed to talk to about being really mad at God?”

The answer is Us.

The Psychologists and Counselors here at Metamorphosis want you to talk to us about this painful place where you find yourself. You do not have to struggle through this alone. We believe the universe has a God big enough to handle your doubts, fears, anger, and disappointment. And we are ready to help you move from silently dying inside to re-capturing your faith and re-building your life.

We understand that sometimes life brings us a loss so devastating or a situation so overwhelming that we cannot see how we will ever truly live again. But we also know that one moment at a time, one tear followed by another, one angry outburst quickly on the heels of a previous string of profanity… people recover, they survive, and they start again wounded – but stronger… cautious – but resilient…

This healed person can be you.

No matter what your faith, if it matters to you it matters to us; we will support you with sensitivity and prayer. We will hold you in the light and even exercise our faith on your behalf.

Can you trust us to help you make it better, even between you and your God?

Call us at Metamorphosis today.