Could I be depressed?

  • I have overwhelming feelings of sadness or grief.
  • I’ve lost interest in taking part in activities I used to enjoy.
  • I find myself avoiding other people.
  • I’m sleeping more, or less, than usual.
  • I’m feeling extremely irritable and angry.
  • I have thoughts of harming myself, or I feel that others would be better off without me.
  • I cannot concentrate, and I feel like I am always tired or fatigued.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Almost everyone experiences at least brief moments of sadness, or feeling “down.” That’s just part of being human. However, sometimes we can experience a sad mood, and it just won’t go away. In addition to being sad, we lose our energy and begin to feel hopeless. We aren’t hungry anymore, and we find ourselves wanting to sleep all the time or not being able to sleep at all.

This kind of sad mood might not even be sad at all. We might be angry, irritable, and grumpy. In extreme cases, we might even think of harming ourselves.

When these symptoms show up together, the professionals call it DEPRESSION.

Depression can range from being annoying and hard to shake to feeling completely debilitating.

Don’t let Depression take over your life.

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