Life Transitions

At Metamorphosis, we love working with clients who are on the edge of a breakthrough and ready to make change. We call these our Transition clients. Some of you are in painful transitions like divorce or the death of a loved one. Others are in happier transitions, preparing to get married or start your own business. Maybe you are afraid. Maybe your values are in conflict with one another. Whatever the situation…


Imagine for a moment that life was like driving a manual transmission, high end sports car, and YOU have to change the gears to go from one level to the next. If you want a new job, switch gears. If you aren’t happy in your marriage, switch gears. If you and your wife have lost focus on your priorities, switch gears. Want to enlarge your small business and take a bigger contract? Switch gears.

How smooth would your ride be?

We know that depends on what the goal is, right? If the goal is just to “have a talk with the boy and get him back on track,” then that might be smooth and easy, and not require a lot of extra energy. But what if “the boy” is a 24-year-old man, and he has no plan to leave your home or make his own way in life? That switch in gears may require a quick trip to the mechanic… something is wrong!

How to ‘switch gears’

That’s who we are in your life. We not teaching you to drive. We don’t have to pick out your car for you; you have that covered. Our job is to help you identify what is going wrong and fix it before it breaks something else and becomes more serious or costly.

When we get our job right, you move from 0-60 in a smooth and barely noticeable fashion.

You might be aware that it is not a simple journey, but you know what skill to use when and how much pressure to apply so that everything goes as planned.
At Metamorphosis, we remind you that in life, just as in driving, there are expectations, decisions, rules and regulations. Then we individualize our work with you in order to help you navigate your transition and become a healthier you on the journey?

We offer Gems to take with you, things like:

  • Knowing that you are not alone. Just being able to talk through your issues in a non-judgmental, non-critical space of unconditional positive regard can be liberating.
  • Having a different prospective. We as humans learn from each other, and learning produces growth.
  • Identifying what’s important. Identifying your values in life and arranging life so that you can give focus to what gives you purpose.
  • What will be your legacy? You leave a footprint. Use Metamorphosis to shape that footprint and leave behind your very best.

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Let’s makes sure that you are in the right condition and the correct gear to successfully make this new journey.