Evaluations & Testing

HELP FOR STRUGGLING STUDENTS: Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations for children

Is your child not learning quickly?

Does it take her a bit longer to grasps concepts than her younger sister?

Have you had countless parent-teacher conferences over the years pertaining to her struggles in reading, writing, and math?

That’s not new, right?

What is new is that she’s beginning to act out; talking in class and getting an attitude with her teacher when she’s redirected. She doesn’t complete classwork and doesn’t turn in homework.

She even got a referral for “noncompliance.” What does that even mean? She isn’t doing what the teacher asks? She’s not doing what you ask of her at home either!

So many Parents are at their wits end. Is this you?

During your last conversation with her teacher, the teacher asked, “Has Kailey ever been tested?”

“Kailey tested,” you think. “No, I’m the one being tested.” But out loud your response is simply “No”.

The teacher goes on to say how “she’s taught hundreds of Kailey’s” and most “have ADHD and just need a little medicine,” the same way the teacher needs meds to regulate her high blood pressure.” “You should talk to her pediatrician,” she ends.

Your immediate thought is “Really? No, who I should talk to is your principal, and let him know you’re in the wrong field. You should go into medicine.” But again, you give a one-word response, “Interesting.”

At the conclusion of that conversation you are left more frustrated and confused than before. After several conversations with friends and family, you come to the conclusion that while you are against the idea of medicating your 11-year old child, testing could provide you with insight into Kailey’s academic struggles, and give her teacher specific information on how to help her progress.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

If any of that sounds like you, you have come to the right place. A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation will provide you with specific information about your child’s emotional, behavioral, and academic strengths or areas that need further nurturing.

But it does not end there. If you have your child evaluated at Metamorphosis, you will be provided with specific recommendations of evidence based-scientifically proven strategies for use at home and at school.

Finally, we will not leave you alone. We will advocate with you for your child at school, and we will teach you the questions to ask and the comments to make to best help your child.

By calling us today, you are one step closer to the clarity and support that you and your child need for a successful school year.