Child and Adolescents Therapy

Compassionate Counseling for Children and Teens:

Helping children open up, respectfully express themselves, and control big emotions. Creating a safe place for teens to express themselves.

Kemisha Joseph MA, LMHC, NCC

Kemisha Joseph MA, LMHC,

Concerning Behaviors?


Maybe you have noticed a pattern of behavior in your child that his teacher is also noticing at school? He shuts down, and if pushed too much or for too long, he becomes frustrated and acts out aggressively? Perhaps he yells, throws things, or even storms out of the house? Is your child having complications from remote learning? Disengaged from family activities and friends? You’ve become frustrated because of the challenging behavior?


Talks with mom have not worked.

Talks with dad have not worked either.

You are concerned about your child.


You’ve grounded him, taken away privileges, and even threatened to turn off his cell phone or give away his favorite video game.

Still nothing works.



•Low Self Esteem

• Anxiety/Worry

• Anger/Behavioral problems

• Perfectionism

• Poor Grades

• Social skills

• Depression

• Parent/Child Relationship Problems



Big Emotions!

Sometimes children tantrum, fight, or “run away”, because they feel smaller emotions are unacceptable. Big Boys Don’t Cry. Suck it up. Never let them see you sweat. Toughen up. Put your big girl panties on. So how does a 10-year-old boy tell us that he is sad, hurt, afraid, frustrated?


At Metamorphosis, we help children learn to respectfully expressive themselves.


Children feel the stress of the Country, the Community, their Families and even their school. Sometimes they can be sad and afraid, but have limited knowledge of what to do with all those feelings.


Empowering Children and Teens

At Metamorphosis, we believe that all children need a space to be empowered where they can unlearn the notion that emotional reactions such as crying are unacceptable and must be concealed, and then re-learn how to have feelings but still be strong.

During these times, teens their families may need  some extra advice and support to help them deal with and navigate through life’s challenges.



If you’re looking for this safe space of empowerment for your child to express themselves, give us a call at Metamorphosis.