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Many clients who come to Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center are ready to make a change.

As the caterpillar knows it is supposed to fly, you might be ready to move to a new phase of life, but you just don’t know what to pack first. When our clients are in that place, it can be dark, cold, lonely, and the pressure can overwhelm even the strongest person.

The Counselors and Psychologists at Metamorphosis are here to help you.

We care enough to develop a supportive working relationship with you and your family, and to walk through this transformation right at your side. Let us tell you a story about one of our typical clients.

One day, Metamorphosis received a phone call from a woman who seemed hesitant and timid from the tone of her voice. We will call her Lisa. Ms. Jermia Smith will tell Lisa’s story.

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Lisa’s Story

Lisa came into my office without previous experience or knowledge of counseling, but she “didn’t know what else to do.”

She was a middle-aged wife, a mother of two children, and a recent doctoral graduate on track to become an elementary school principal. As you can imagine, her life was non-stop day in and day out.

However, Lisa didn’t feel “happy.” She was “blindsided” when her husband suddenly mentioned his desire to legally separate from their marriage.

With no close family relationships and only a few close friends, Lisa felt lonely. She suffered with depression, anger, resentment, anxiety, confusion, and often had trouble sleeping. It had become hard for her to “put on a mask” for work, but no one suspected anything as she hid her battle wounds with a smile and a delightful “everything’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Lisa couldn’t muster up the energy to wash her laundry, dirty dishes, or even cook dinner for her children. She recalled several days without eating.

Everything had taken a toll on Lisa and what she considered to be her ideal family. She was concerned about how things were affecting her children as she prides herself on being the best mother and role model for them.

Lisa felt like a total failure and disappointment. Her children were her only sense of self-worth and her “greatest accomplishment.” With a failed marriage and sense of hopelessness, Lisa told me that therapy was the only thing she hadn’t tried. And she was willing to try…

Therapy helped Lisa to walk her own path to metamorphosis.

Through our work together, Lisa was able to take off her mask. Therapy gave her the tools to build her own support system, and to begin functioning again in her day-to-day life. She garnered the energy to manage the multiple roles that pulled in opposing directions.

Lisa was able to find herself and in the process, begin to nurture and nourish her marriage back to life.

As all of these areas in her life came back into alignment, Lisa found that her anxiety lessened and her sleep improved, but most of all now when she smiles her eyes says she is okay.


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What people are saying..

  • We all want to create a “better version of self” to share with the world, to achieve that you need support in 3 areas:
    1) A person who respects your core beliefs and morality even if you occasionally disagree
    2) A person who does not judge you when you are vulnerable and in pain
    3) A person who helps you see the potential challenges as you move forward

    Dr. April Jackson-James does all of those things in a professional, honest, caring manner.

  • Dr. April Jackson James has provided me with tools and techniques to deal with issue that I face as a working woman. Her ability to reveal through gentle questioning the heart of the matter is powerfully effective. She doesn’t tell you what to do, but helps you come to the solution yourself; empowering you to move forward.

  • The office strived to rebuild my life and health by providing me the BEST professional and confidential service money could buy. As I attempted to follow MOST directions given. Goals were set! Some were met with success and some with failure. Over the next several months my life began to change for the better. NO, I am not out of the woods yet, but Metamorphosis has given me great insight and more energy for my life. As compared to my previous years, I must confess I started as a MESS! Now I am at my BEST!

    T.P., 2017