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Do you enjoy treating all patients?

Someone once asked me if there were clients or patients that I did not enjoy treating. On the face of it, that is a yes or no question. Maybe I could have elaborated a bit on my definitive response, but at most this question pulled for 2-3 sentences.

No, that is not what happened when I answered. I think I gave a complete paragraph or two with examples and reasoning. Why? Because here at Metamorphosis, we explore what is happening within us and within our patients when frustrations arise.

When you ask us if we don’t enjoy something or someone, it’s like asking us to peer deep into our soul to find out what is going on within ourselves…. Not a short answer project….

We believe that when your mood changes negatively and your body tenses up, it is more than your facial expression or your tone of voice that manifests your discomfort. This state of dis-ease causes stress, and long-term stress (or extremely intense/overwhelming stress) produces “stress hormones” in your body. These stress hormones can erode your body’s function over time, and this can manifest as chronic pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, auto-immune symptoms, or even certain cancers.

At Metamorphosis, we try to help our patients with every area of their life that needs support.

An example of a child with ADHD

If you come to us as a parent desperately trying to keep a child or teenager off ADHD medication, we will talk to you about organizational life hacks; tricks to help your young person pay attention; increasing the interesting, fun, kinesthetic learning opportunities available to the child; and decreasing the long, boring row after row of practice problems that might seem so overwhelming.

However, we will also take a look at the child’s diet, their exercise habits, their social skills, and their ability to communicate with you, their parent, about how they are feeling lethargic and tired when it’s time to do homework; but how they get energy when someone says, “video game.” (Hint: The brain chemical Dopamine that significantly affects our alertness shows up for our INTERESTS and does not show up for our obligations and responsibilities.)

An example of someone with chronic migraines

Similarly, if you come to us with chronic migraines, we will teach you quiet mediation and relaxation techniques. We will also teach you distress tolerance and the essential skills of self-soothing and distraction. But, before our therapy is completed, we will explore the tests and interventions your doctor has tried or might want to try; we will track your hormone cycles with you; and we will explore your life for areas of unhappiness, anxiety, and frustration–helping you to re-arrange some of the more difficult areas so that they are easier to navigate and cause less stress.

Do you enjoy treating all patients?

That explanation brings me back to the original question asked, are there patients that we do not enjoy treating at Metamorphosis? Yes, of course there are. And it’s probably the patients that we have to convince that they don’t just have a mind, a body, a soul, and a spirit; but that those areas of life are interconnected and affect one another as a daily matter of course. For these patients, we give an example:

Therapist: Have you ever hurt your ankle or knee?

Patient: Yes, I play basketball and sprained my right ankle really bad on more than one occasion.

Therapist: Do you remember after it healed, you had pain in your back or in your opposite hip or leg?

Patient: Yeah, that’s weird isn’t it? I guess those areas were over compensating for by body movement when the right ankle was out of commission.

Therapist: BINGO!!! That’s what your body does. It works as a system. If one part of the system is under duress, the other parts are as well. One part of the system compensates and carries the load for the other broken systems.

Patient: So you want me to believe that my backaches are related to my unhappy home life and my stressful work life? Whatever, doc!

Therapist: Sigh….. Let’s try another path to help you with your pain.

As you can see, INSIGHT does not always create change, and it is hard work for a Psychologist or a Counselor who is trying to facilitate change under these circumstances.

We have enlisted many partners to help us help you with all of your areas of pain.

At Metamorphosis, we endorse and sell a line of NutraMetrix Vitamin and Mineral Supplements to help keep you healthy. We believe that anti-oxidants, B-vitamins, and Isotonic Multi-vitamins go a long way to support your cognitive and emotional healthiness.

Additionally, we partner with Dr. De’Necia Hilton, a doctor of Chinese Medicine and Practitioner for Wholistic Health, to help with body work (Acupuncture) and additional herbal supplements to address various physical conditions.

These are a few of our In-house offerings, but please also feel free to ask us about our community partners for Thai Yoga, Massage, SET Therapy, Hypnosis, and more.

At Metamorphosis, we believe that you are made up of Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit; we get happy and excited when we can help you make life better in ALL those areas.