Chemal Ysidro Cruz



When one of your hardest working counselors recommends a previous co-worker and says, “When I left, I gave him some of my most difficult trauma cases,” I stand up and listen.

Mr. Chemal Cruz came highly recommended by Ms. Christina Jensen and one of our previous interns who attended graduate school with Chemal. But the accolades don’t stop here. I have found Chemal to be intelligent, friendly, empathetic, compassionate, and to have a great sense of humor. He is optimistic, and even after a military career manages to see hope and light in humanity and believe in the ability for people to love and remain connected.

But let’s hear from Chemal in his own words.


In keeping with the Metamorphosis theme, I believe that “therapy is a real relationship.” As people we seek connections. Being connected is a natural feeling that brings enjoyment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, too often we lose confidence in these connections or lose them all together. When we lose our connections, it is like losing something we desperately need but simply cannot find. This disrupts our day, frustrates us, and affects our mood. Some call it being off balance and others say, “I’m going through it”. When I join the partnership of therapy with my clients, I focus on that connection and create a safe space for honesty, vulnerability, and care. I have taken many teachings from a therapist guru who would say, “Everyone has the ability to grow into their best version of themselves and fulfill their potential.”


As your guide through therapy, I act as the compass on your journey. As your compass, I point you in the directions of self-reflection, acknowledgement of pain, willingness to shift, and finally to your healing. Holding steady to my azimuth I help you to maintain your course, but I am not the driver nor the captain. The direction is yours to take. but I am there to help you remain connected to the present. And as your counselor, regardless of your direction, the turns you take, or your need to pause, the connection between you as the Captain and me as your Guide is what is most important.


I have significant experience with many populations. I have worked with diagnoses that include depression, anxiety, PTSD, and behavioral difficulties. I can treat children, teens, or adults.
However, one of my favorite specialties is Couple’s Counseling. While I understand that every marriage isn’t meant to be saved, I will admit to having an inner hope of one day ENDING DIVORCE. True to my focus on connection, I see intimate relationships and life partnerships as the brightest connection that we all struggle with from time to time. The intricacies of understanding oneself, but then understanding another unique person, is always a work in progress. We decide every day how much effort we will put into doing this work. We continue to change, grow, and adapt with each day’s passing and at times that too can disrupt a connection. As your compass in Couple’s Counseling I will honestly point out where you match and where you miss and provide understanding when there does not even seem to be logic. I believe that together, we can methodically and intentionally guide you towards a stronger connection…What we call at Metamorphosis making your relationship “Better on Purpose.”


1998 – Moved to Tampa, FL from U.S.V.I
2011 – Began study at Flagler College
2014 – Enlisted in the Florida Army National Guard
2014 – Worked with Developmental Disorders at The Arc of St. Johns 2014-2015
2015 – Graduated from Flagler College with Bachelor’s in Psychology
2015 – Completed Basic Training and OCS (7.5 months)
2016 – Began UCF Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy Program
2016 – Psychiatric Assistant at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services 2016 – 2019
2018 – Graduated from UCF Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy Program with accreditation for Mental Health Therapy
2019 – Substance Abuse Counselor at New Seasons Tampa Metro Treatment Center 2019 – 2020
2020 – Married the one for me
2020 – Inpatient Therapist at North Tampa Behavioral Health
2020 – Private Practice Therapist at Metamorphosis Life Revitalizing Center

State of Active Duty Missions

Hurricane Matthew 2016
Hurricane Irma 2017
Hurricane Michael 2018
Hurricane Dorian 2019
COVID-19 2020