Ms. Tamara Crouse, MA, RMHCI IMH17862


Hi, It’s Dr. April M. Jackson-James and I am proud to introduce another great counselor from our practice. I have supervised this wonderful woman since she was a graduate student:
Ms. Tamara Crouse, MA, RMHCI IMH17862.

Tamara is centered, caring, and compassionate. She will feel your pain and walk through it with you.

Let’s hear from Tamara in her own words.

I enjoy working with my clients.

Young or old. Boy or Girl. Man or Woman, but I do have an Ideal Client:

Are you that person with a burning desire, an ache even to make a life change but you have been too afraid to try? I want to work with you.

Are you concerned that your FEARS are getting in your way? I want to help you.

Have you been struggling with relationship issues – not knowing whether you are truly happy with that special person (again maybe afraid to make a big life decision) or maybe you want help with your relationship both individually and as a couple? I want to work with you.

Are ready to stop struggling with self-esteem and build your own worth in your own eyes? I want to help you.

I am that Psychotherapist that people think about when they think about Psychotherapists.

I love clients who want insight into their struggles and gain from stillness and introspection – or maybe, you are not that person, but you want to be that person, and you are ready to learn how.

Join me in a journey…. your journey to make your life better on purpose.

How do I work with clients, how do I help people?

I set out to Empower you to take action with your own goals. I am here to help you clarify your values and discover who you really are.

I believe that this process frequently leads to (re)building your self-esteem/self-worth; which in turn leads to you growing more confident and courageous.

It is then, with the confidence and courage developed within our counseling relationship that you gain the necessary strength and capability to grow and change those things that are hurting you.

Yes, I am centered on you.

I want to understand your life barriers and your existential struggles.

Then I want to help you embrace what matters to you.

What are your values?

not society -not family -not friends -not neighbors, not co-workers, or bosses….

What do you want, need, like, feel and prefer?

  • Who are you?
  • What strengths are within you.
  • What is your superpower?
  • What are your goals?
  • And yes, what are your limits? And what are your boundaries?

In Psychotherapy with you, I will always help us stay focused on where you want to be and who you want to be.

And I will make sure that you remain on the path to…

Making Life Better… On Purpose.