Ms. Christina Jensen, MSW, ISW 7139


Hi, It’s Dr. April M. Jackson-James, and I have another excellent clinician to introduce from our practice: Ms. Christina Jensen, MSW, ISW 7139.

Christina is a Master’s Degree Level Social Worker who specialties in Family Therapy, Substance Abuse, and Trauma. She works well with Teenagers, Mothers, and Families.

Like all of us at Metamorphosis, Christina is ready, willing, and able to help you, “Make Life Better on Purpose.”

Let’s hear from Christina in her own words.

Being the Right Fit

I’ve been working in the mental health field since 2007, and as a counselor since 2011. I have extensive experience in family therapy and work well with teenagers who “… just don’t seem to do well with other therapists.”

These end up being the kids, that I get up in the morning excited to see each day.

I also love helping adults with trauma histories (e.g. histories of sexual or domestic violence) and watching them as they come to realize that they are so much more than this thing that happened to them. Yes, I understand that you might always have this scar that you carry around, but that scar gives you strength and compassion and can help you to be a more amazing person once we work through all of this together.

Dr. April once asked me who my favorite client was.

I answered her by telling the story of a family I met when I was learning an Evidence Based Family Therapy model known as Functional Family Therapy (FFT;

I was assigned a family, a young woman and her mother, who could not even be in the same room together at that point without having raucous, painful arguments. The teenager ran away almost weekly. In their first session they both broke down and cried while talking about how they wanted to have a relationship, but they just didn’t know how to move past the long-term anger they had towards one another.

Over the course of treatment, we found out that this teenage girl was involved in human trafficking and her “boyfriend” was giving her cocaine and other drugs to keep her high and tied to both him and a life of prostitution. In treatment, I helped her mother to confront her, but still show her deep love and support…

It took time, but finally, this teen was able to trust, and open about what was really going on with her.

By this time, my client was about to be sent to a State Juvenile Justice Program. But in cooperation with her mother and I… together… we were collectively able to convince the judge to let her voluntarily enter a treatment program to address the substance use and human trafficking.

She called me every week to check in. Mom went to the program at least once a week to have dinner with her, and then breakfast, and then she was able to earn weekend passes to spend time at home again.

This young teenage girl did so well, that the program invited her to return and speak to new girls coming into the treatment center & share her story.

As you can guess, to that point, I had never been so proud of any client and how much they had been able to achieve.

And you know what?

Each time I watch someone achieve a success like this, rebuild a family relationship between a child and their parent, overcome an addiction, or work through their childhood pain and trauma, I am still so very grateful to have been a part of their journey

As I write this now, I am excited. I am looking forward to being able to help you find your strength, to show you that you can fight your battles, to watch you move forward- make the choices you need to make in order to reconnect your broken pieces, and YES!!

Make Your Life Better… On Purpose.