When the two of you met, you had butterflies, sleepless nights Face-Timing until the wee hours of the morning, the fantasy day dreams of your lives together, and not being able to stop thinking of your “Bae” all the time. You dreamed about what it would be like when you got married……..

Fast forward. You are still up at night, but now you are crying, feeling alone, frustrated, resentful, or just plain angry. You have a million and one questions floating through your head:

  • How did we get here?
  • Where did we take the wrong turn?
  • Do we need couples’ counseling?
  • What would we do in counseling anyway?

At Metamorphosis, we do not consider Couples’ Counseling to be a “Magic Fix.”

Rather, we think of Couples’ counseling as bringing the two of you into a “Work-Room” where repair, realignment, and refocusing work is accomplished. We address issues relating to:

  • Communication
  • We will eliminate criticism, sarcasm, belittling……
    I will remind myself that words and tone matter.

  • Respect
  • What and how I think of someone governs how I will treat that person.
    Some levels of respect are necessary for human interaction; other levels are earned.

  • Trauma and Baggage
  • Forgotten experiences from childhood or previous relationships can have a serious effect on my present relationship.
    Our blended family and/or in-law relationships present unique challenges.

  • Fighting Fairly
  • Maintaining empathy and compassion is critical; I want you to know I care about your pain.
    Listening and being open to change are absolutely necessary. I hear you and I will do better.

  • Dreams
  • I need to learn my own boundary lines and deal breakers, and communicate them clearly to you.
    I’m learning where I want to go in life, and how I will get there with you.
    I want us to achieve individualized dreams, yet go in the same direction, together.

  • Mistakes
  • How do we rebuild the trust, love, support, and togetherness in this relationship?
    How do I heal?
    How do I apologize?

  • Intimacy
  • Can we re-ignite the passion, make sacred space for one another, and feel close again?
    Can I tell you what I like and can we share openly and comfortably?

These are only a few of the issues that might show-up when you and your partner enter the


But perhaps there remains a large, unanswered question…My partner won’t come to counseling.

Do I go to Couples’ Counseling by myself?

A famous Chinese Proverb (by Lao Tzu) says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The short answer is YES.

One-person Family Therapy/One-person Couples’ Counseling really does exist….

You can start the work. And because you are a part of a system, in a system when one part changes, the entire system changes…, YOU, alone can be a catalyst for change.

As you progress, one of three things will eventually happen:

  • You will both lean into the relationship and complete the repair work together.
  • One or both of you will lean-out and decide the relationship is not your greatest good. Or
  • The relationship remains in status quo, but you change and become a healthier and more clearly focused version of yourself, knowing what you want out of life and love and how to achieve it.